The masterfully told true story of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing and the heroic security guard-turned-suspect at the heart of it all.

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Praise for The Suspect

"Meticulously reported, bracingly written, full of memorable and bizarre characters, the book casts a wary eye on the worlds of law enforcement and journalism, and their multiple failures in this tale. It’s a story with no winners – except for readers of this terrific book.”

— Jeffrey Toobin, bestselling author, staff writer at the New Yorker, and senior legal analyst at CNN

"So vivid I feel I’m experiencing it all as it happened. Beautifully researched. Smart and jaw dropping.”

—Kathy Bates, award-winning actress

“Intensively reported and fluidly written, The Suspect details the years-long search for the real killer...It is a cautionary tale about the fallibility of the storied feds, the role of luck in breaking big cases, and the conflicted choices faced by the media even at the dawn of the digital age.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Salwen and Alexander’s research brings to light for the first time the damning profile used by the FBI”


“...brings detail and context to an ordeal that captivated the nation…the book is hard to put down.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Amazing and beautiful…memories that made me laugh and cry.”

—Dana Jewell, widow of Richard Jewell

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About the Authors

Kent Alexander was the US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia at the time of the 1996 Olympics. He spent hundreds of hours in meetings with the FBI about the bombing, and ultimately, he wrote and hand-delivered Jewell’s clearance letter.

Journalist Kevin Salwen was a longtime Wall Street Journal reporter and editor, who ran the paper’s southeastern section during the Olympic Games. He is the co-author (with his daughter, Hannah) of The Power of Half: One Family’s Decision to Stop Taking and Start Giving Back.